Lane 8 Mistake

Okay, so it’s about 4PM on Friday afternoon.  Spent the day working through some serious, and hopefully short-term, sickness.

So of course, this puts Lane 8 behind schedule.  No worries though. Lane 8 is just getting to today’s post and realized that yesterday’s Lane 8 post was about New Year’s Resolutions.

However, had to smile (which felt really good) because the Lane 8 blog post was intended for

“Should I move yesterday’s Lane 8 blog post, or maybe delete it?”

“Nope, leave it like it is.” Why?

Because it’s who I am.  I am close to God – through hard work. Many of you can relate. For anyone else, please don’t take offense.  Never intend to sound “preachy”.

Anyway, let’s learn from this.  Physical well being is only one piece of what makes us human.

If you don’t feel healthy and vibrant, guess who moved?

If you’re planning on getting in shape for your New Year’s resolution, now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to do differently – differently than past wellness thoughts and wellness attempts.

Now is the time, not later.  Now. Ya with me?

By jeff noel

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