Lane 8 Is Happy

Lane 8 is happy the left heel pain was minimal yesterday.  It’s sort of funny how easy it can be to find joy and happiness.  We get so busy in our daily activities that we can rob ourselves of the simplest of joys.

Every morning I check out the window as dawn gives way to sunrise. The sunrise is always beautiful, even when it is “ordinary”.

Two days ago there was a Facebook post on my wall, asking for prayers for a teenage friend who committed suicide.  This is a horrific tragedy.  One none of us can comprehend.

The basic act of thinking of a Family (one you never met) and the grief that is overwhelming everyone they know, can be a humble joy. Believing that your thoughts and feelings for them may in some way comfort them.

Part of what makes Lane 8 blog posts about health and wellness so much fun to write about is that every once in awhile, if I feel like it, there is editorial license to blog about something else.  This also makes Lane 8 happy.

By jeff noel

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