Grateful for the pain

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i love being an entrepreneur. A crazy misfit. An outlier. A dreamer. And so on. Grateful for all the struggles. It means i’m moving forward on a big dream.

No pain jogging yesterday.

It’s insane how long i’ve lived with nagging foot pain.

Grateful for the pain though.

There are others who have no feet and they would give anything to have sore feet.

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It has to make sense to you or you will fail

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Find an activity that makes sense for you. It does not have to be running.


Accept this fact: we will struggle, and we will find joy.

Wasn’t planning on logging a half-marathon yesterday. And it wasn’t a struggle. It just happened. Drenched in sweat for two-plus hours, it was joy.

There’s a big difference between struggling and failing.

Struggling comes with the territory.

The goal is to not fail.

For a lifetime.

Go. Move. Do something that makes sense to you.

Expect struggles to ebb and flow.

Expect this to last a lifetime.

The only way to fail is to not accept a lifetime of struggle.

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