Simple is a gift, but you must unwrap it to see

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Simple doesn’t mean easy. Photo: Two days ago at Disney’s Cast Member Center For Living Well.


Simple doesn’t mean easy, but simple unequivocably means simple.

Use that to your advantage.

Or not.


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Keep things as simple as possible and make sure they just work

Keep things as simple as possible


Keep things as simple as possible. We either exercised a few days last week or we didn’t.

Yesterday a bike rider said he had logged 87 miles in 11 months. Pathetic. Really. If the goal is to be active.

Biking requires equipment. It’s not nearly as safe as other options. It’s not a bad option, just more complicated.

In a moment, this runner is going to go downstairs, out the door, walk to the street and begin running.

Anywhere. Anytime. Alone. With others. Portable. Doable. Shoes and shorts. Go. No excuses.

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One More Public Service Announcement Most Of You Will Appreciate

I do all my own stunts, am the chief photographer, and love when people have "aha" moments.

After daily journalling (blogging) for three straight years (5.7k posts), it just hit me. Even if no one read Mid Life Celebration’s five daily blogs, I’d do it anyway. Unquestionably. Know why?

Insight: If you know why, then I have done my job here.

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What’s Easier?

Stadium Steps At Indiana University, May 13
Stadium Steps At Indiana University, May 13

Life is pretty simple.  We all know this to be true, however, we most likely forget.

We really have only two choices when it comes to our health. Focus on it or don’t focus on it.

Which leads us to one more simple truth, and again, there are only two choices here.

Give up trying because it’s too difficult, or never give up trying.

I’ll bet you struggle with this as much as I do. That’s one of the main reason’s Lane 8 exists in the first place – to nourish the people who have chosen the later.