Looks like lying to outsiders


You will never be happy if you consistently lie to yourself about all the reasons why you can’t become, and stay, physically vibrant.


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It’s all connected isn’t it?

small dog sitting on outdoor cafe chair


(photo: Yesterday while having lunch near Disney.)

It’s all connected isn’t it?

As crazy at this sounds it’s true. Using our emotions and imagination, we treat Pets like humans.

What if we treated our body like a temple?

As crazy as this sounds, what if we used our emotions and imagination to worship this temple as something sacred?



At home.

At work.




All connected.

If we know this, what then, stops us from maximizing our circumstances.

Our wellness.


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Two short runs in 13 days is nothing to brag about

bright red fall colors on campus


(photo: yesterday’s run through University of Iowa campus. Mostly the colors are just beginning, except here.)

How does one overcome the inevitable and consistent setbacks?

While in Iowa there was one short run in four days which is better than zero.

Too much to do this morning (now back home at Walt Disney World) to have time to run. So now it’s one short run in five days.

And in two days a six-day business trip to a cold climate.

Could end up being only two runs in 13 days.

Note to self: figure it out.

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