Just To Be Clear(er)

We Aren't Intending To Be Jerks
We Aren't Intending To Be Jerks

I am not a medical doctor.  And do not possess any scientific answers you may be seeking.

You know this.  Everyone knows this.  But I do know one thing.  We all get one life.  It will be difficult.  And if we are decently lucky, it will also be fairly long.

Do you treat your body like a temple or a tent?

Lane 8 Celebrex

Lane 8 is back on 200mg Celebrex once a day. I know. Who cares?

In less than 24 hours, the left heel pain has subsided. When you’re an active mid life adult and stand ( professional speaker ) for a living, foot pain is a huge dissatisfier.

Florida Foot and Ankle Specialists are one of my heroes.  I feel compelled to recommend Dr Curtis Wagner and his excellent staff.

In fact, during the visit yesterday, these words came out of my mouth, “It’s amazing, given the recent pain, that we were able to send me to the World Championships”.

Saying “we” just flowed naturally from my mouth.  While it’s true that I invested all the sweat equity, Dr Wagner provided the “medical advice/coaching” and the protocol to make competing on the world stage possible.

Here’s to our health. Make your day GREAT!  If not today, when? Carpe diem!