Any smart person can make deductions

The Brooklyn Bridge, not far from the Brooklyn Marriott… and my room.

Brooklyn Bridge

With no shirt, you can deduce an early morning run over the bridge…

running in NYC

Truth is, I’m jeff noel is not financially bonus eligible. Every organization has people who are, many without our knowledge. When you speak with those you know are, and you’re obviously one who’s not, there’s often a weird feeling about effort, commitment, intellect, etc.

And last week quietly and uneventfully returning from the 2012 Masters Track & Field National Championships, a new definition of bonus eligible illuminated.

It felt so uncomfortable to answer, “Been running any races in Lane 8 lately”.

An elevated level of physical fitness makes a senior athlete “bonus eligible”. The illumination made me smile and… (yes, click the bolded, hyperlinked word “Blog” below to hear what happened next)

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