How Recent Was The Last Time You Felt Like Not Exercising?

Staying motivated week after week, month after month, year after year - it's hard work.

Didn’t feel like running this morning. Didn’t feel like going to the gym the other day either. These demotivating feelings come and go with variable frequency, and are short lived because I always feel better after the workout. But the frequency (of not wanting to workout) can sometimes be weekly. Can you relate?

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The Last Thing jeff noel Wants To Do Is Make You Feel Uncomfortable, Right?

Dude is 100 years old. Age means nothing. Use age as an excuse? For what?

Making you feel uncomfortable isn’t last on my list, it’s 4th.

The first 3 things jeff noel wants to help you with are:

  1. to Think
  2. to Smile
  3. to Be grateful

Having someone genuinely help you feel uncomfortable is one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever receive.

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