Dead last is perfect


Lane 8 is the worst lane in the one lap 400-meter sprint. Runners remain in their lanes, with the fastest runners in the middle lanes and the second slowest runner in lane one and the slowest is in the outside lane (8) – huge disadvantage because you cannot see the other seven runners, until they pass you.

That’s the lane i want. Yes, i want the worst lane, and, i don’t care if i come in last.

Lane 8, in the finals. At the world championships.

You can be dead last and still be the eighth best in the world.


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When was the last time you timed yourself in a mile?

masters world championships
August 2009 traveling to Finland for Masters World Championships

A comeback began nearly three years ago – the day I returned from a big track meet. Simply being in Finland was in and of itself a major life accomplishment. Is it possible to get better with age? And four days ago, ran a mile in 5:46.

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Note: A big track meet = 2009 Masters Track & Field World Championships

How fast can you run, say, a mile?

work life balance
not that kind of balance, work life balance

How fast can you run, say, a mile? First, I’m betting no one here has a clue how fast they can run a mile. Second, I’m still thrilled you’re here though. Because this is a community of aging mid lifers (and some outliers…cool!), just trying to make sense of what wellness and work life balance means and how to get there and stay there…

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Ran a 6:23 mile last week

Clermont, Florida - National Training Center

In the category of “who gives a crap”, this is definitely a contender. I ran a 6:23 mile last week. Slow and steady wins the race. Are you progressing slowly and steadily in pursuit of your health goals? There’s a reason you’re hearing about the mile time.

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