What to do when we don’t know what to do

Heavenly Ski Resort Ski Lift from Lake Tahoe
Jogged to Lake Tahoe shore, then headed for the slopes


Teddy Bear near Heavenly Ski Resort Lake Tahoe
A slow jog down to lake Tahoe, then up the Heavenly Ski Resort ski lift


What do we do when we don’t know what to do?

We do what we normally do.

  • ask someone
  • Google it
  • procrastinate
  • do nothing

A million reasons to make today another day we don’t exercise.

Which then makes tomorrow even easier to do nothing when we don’t know how to stay motivated.

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Who can’t wait for the weekend to end so the exercise can resume?

Iowa Central Bioscience and Health Science building
and then the return to frequent travel – enjoyed the “routine” while it lasted


Again a friend asked, “Did you run this morning?”

“No, today is another active rest day.”

For three consecutive weeks running has happened Monday through Friday.

It’s been years since this sort of purposeful rhythm graced my schedule.

Now there’s an anticipation for the weekend to end and a hunger to run on Monday morning.

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He’ll Never Be A Runner

Sure, I like to swim…

As long as it’s in a hot tub…

Do you consider exercise a chore, a pain in the butt, and therefore a waste of your precious time? Get over it! You have to figure this out for yourself.

A new friend, same age (51), is in great physical condition. Asked him if he’s a runner. He looked and responded like I was nuts.

He’s a swimmer. He’ll never be a runner. He hates running.

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