When exercise consists of doing nothing

University of Iowa Memorial Union
1t one to arrive, last one to leave = long days


Being decently organized (but far from perfect) can help us anticipate challenging days in which exercise will become much more difficult to do.

Exercised through the weekend and Monday morning knowing today and yesterday would be long work days living in a hotel.

The benefit? No guilt.

And even joy in not exercising.

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Who can’t wait for the weekend to end so the exercise can resume?

Iowa Central Bioscience and Health Science building
and then the return to frequent travel – enjoyed the “routine” while it lasted


Again a friend asked, “Did you run this morning?”

“No, today is another active rest day.”

For three consecutive weeks running has happened Monday through Friday.

It’s been years since this sort of purposeful rhythm graced my schedule.

Now there’s an anticipation for the weekend to end and a hunger to run on Monday morning.

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When was the last time we got a random lucky break?

beautiful spring time midwest butterfly
the caterpillar never saw it coming


Play the hand we’re dealt, sage advice. Sometimes we can stumble upon a random break leading to a discovery, a breakthrough, or simply an overdue reminder.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the next time a friend asked, “Did you run this morning?”

We answer, “No, today is an active rest day.”

Active rest is intentionally skipping exercising.

It lends itself to something amazing.

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The good news is I planned for this

this photo doesn’t make sense… uh huh… it’s very confusing… and so it goes


The good news is I planned for this – active rest. Foresaw a tight turnaround and planned to not run this morning. Huge relief to not have to feel guilt for not exercising – on top of the drain from only three hours sleep.

Oh, and did I mention shell shocked? Confused? Doesn’t make sense? What?

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Do you ever amaze or astonish yourself?

surrender and planning
instrument of surrender for the Japanese (or creative midlife adults)

Do you ever amaze or astonish yourself? Being in Tallahassee for the past three days, I planned on three days of active restpurposefully not exercising. This is different from meaning to, but not.

None of the other six adult chaperone’s exercised during these three days either. Pretty sure only one of us was purposeful.

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Insight: The truth hurts. It also sets us free.