Happy Monday

Hey, I didn’t run today.  Had a big Keynote speech to deliver at 9:00AM to 1,200 Guests, and was at the venue before 7:00AM.   It was GREAT, by the way. 

Each year, I’m blessed, a handful of times, to have impacted an audience so much so that they are compelled to stand and applaud.  Today was one of those days.  Wow!  Humbled.

Felt sickly afterwards, and decided that was nature’s way of telling me to, “Take the day off from working out, you need the rest”.

My left foot does not feel great.  Pain is better than three weeks ago, but not gone.  Patience.  Faith.  Trust.  Surrender.  Etc.  Plus, I have so much to be thankful for, I start to feel guilty with the dream of running with world-class Master’s athletes.

We’ll see how it goes in the morning.

By jeff noel

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