Annual bloodwork 2020

Annual bloodwork 2020 today.


We literally only drive downtown for concerts.

But, unique circumstances created this situation.

With Covid-19 worries, almost cancelled.

But didn’t because life moves forward whether it’s convenient or not.

So grateful.

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Midlife Celebration at Quest Diagnostics

Midlife Celebration at Quest Diagnostics
Midlife Celebration at Quest Diagnostics


There’s a point to waiting, usually to teach us not to.

Getting your annual physical done in January is prudent. Getting it done in November is better late than never.

Weird how blessings come our way in spite of us breaking promises to ourselves.

About 20 minutes ago Stephan, Quest Diagnostics phlebotomist, randomly (unsolicited) said an author has been his nicest patient ever (ever, ever).

Changes. You.

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How can it not be done already?

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Thanksgiving Eve. Have you had your 2013 annual physical yet?

Tough question. It’s almost the end of the year. How can it not be done already?

Finally scheduled mine last week, but the real insight is from the blood work results.

Hoping to schedule the appointment today (for next Friday when returning from biz trip) at Quest Diagnostics.

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