Hope, care, cure

Mission statement
Random moment walking through an airport yesterday.


Mission statement
That goal. Your goal? Lifelong remission from exercise?


Bold goal.

Lifelong remission.

For cancer, it’s a God-send.

For exercise, it’s a premature death sentence.

Clarity comes only through deep self-reflection.

Note: Sometimes clarity arrives in the form of a severe wake-up call.


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Have a plan for when the honeymoon effect wears off

traffic in the darkness
Yesterday morning’s run looked like this until dawn.


Soon, not only will it be dark and lonely when i run, but it will also be cold.

It’s been this way since 1999.

Our excuses are invalid.





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Common sense, but not common practice

USATF floor poster
Walking down the jetway, this put a smile on every runner’s face


The key to lifelong health and wellness is finding a million ways to stay motivated. Common sense, but not common practice.

One of the keys to staying motivated is creating a vibe that turns you on. For example, consider a track geek. Do whatever it takes and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

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