The lesson from yesterday’s post is awareness through focus and discipline

photo of three overweight middle aged men sitting in airplane first class
Know your healthy zone (weight, blood pressure, etc), and fight tooth and nail to stay in that range


The lesson from yesterday’s post is awareness through focus and discipline. A message easy to hate.

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Dear Son #12

Dear son, never let yourself (permanently) feel like exercise is work. It will feel that way sometimes.

So take heed, everything in life will occasionally feel like work. Everything. Not just exercise.

With this in mind, remember, your children (if you have them) will look to you as a warning or an example. Choose the high road my son.

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Dear Son, Part 2 0f 5

Dear Son, show your children the gift of good health is not out of reach…

Dear Son, each day you wake up, you’ll have to decide how you’ll honor the blessing of your health – by the choices you make.

This requires a lifetime commitment. And it’s quite simple. Diet and exercise. Food is fuel, not medication. An object in motion tends to stay in motion.

Getting and staying healthy is one of the loneliest things you will dedicate your life to, because while diet and exercise is a simple concept, it is anything but easy.

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