Time to return to running?

Exquisite cake from the world-famous Grand Floridian bakery. It’s been two years (?) since i’ve eaten cake. In a perfect world, i’ll never eat cake again. Eat about five apples a day though, so it balances out.

Time to return to running?

Well, if ever there was a good time to restart:

  • After a three year “foot-rest”
  • Cheryl makes her own work schedule now
  • An Olympic year
  • Why not?

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Seven months of zero to low mileage got tested

Wellness journey
Yesterday, first time in seven months running five miles… 8.03kilometers equals 5 miles.


Seven months of zero to low mileage.

Stopped running entirely in April and May.

The only reason i began running this summer was to help our son, you know, easy, 10-12 minutes per mile, one, two miles at most.

When he joined the Cross-Country team in August, i continued running two to three miles – three times a week – because the running was pain-free. The reason i stopped running was simple. It was painful.

Wanted to try one last ditch thing to eradicate chronic right ankle/calf pain.

i planned (and was excited to know it would be a 2016 milestone) to run five miles and the pace was slow enough to remain pain-free, and just enjoy the privilege.


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In the heat and slowness, gratitude

Map My Run screenshot
Yesterday’s easy 8-miler.


Working to get out the door earlier. Back to like it used to be, running mostly in the dark.


August has been so humid.

The time of day can make a world of difference in how much we enjoy running.

Still nursing a mystery pain, so the first and last miles are walks. The six miles in between are two to three minutes off normal healthy pace.

Enjoying the easy effort.

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Time will tell and all we have is time

Landscape truck with company tagline
Who’s taking care of your health?


Time will tell and all we have is time.

Walked out to the mailbox like i do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and began walking (instead of running). After the first mile, began a slow jog which lasted two miles and included a break or two to stretch.

Walked the final mile home.

No pain.

Time will tell if the freakish, sometimes debilitating pain will raise it’s ugly head.

Such is our life whether we live like we mean it or not.

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Comeback 2015 is probably ruined

Jenny Simpson wisdom
Greatness might never come.


Jenny Simpson wisdom
Slow and steady wins the race?


Jenny Simpson wisdom
perhaps the multitude of setbacks are necessary to tell a better story.


Comeback 2015 is probably ruined.

Have been fighting this potential reality for exactly 18 days, since Father’s Day.

The lower right calf pain from The Sunshine State Games is back. Yesterday’s eight-mile walk-run-walk on the beach was far too painful for world class training.

And just yesterday, enter Jenny Simpson’s words of wisdom.

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