Seven months of zero to low mileage got tested

Wellness journey
Yesterday, first time in seven months running five miles… 8.03kilometers equals 5 miles.


Seven months of zero to low mileage.

Stopped running entirely in April and May.

The only reason i began running this summer was to help our son, you know, easy, 10-12 minutes per mile, one, two miles at most.

When he joined the Cross-Country team in August, i continued running two to three miles – three times a week – because the running was pain-free. The reason i stopped running was simple. It was painful.

Wanted to try one last ditch thing to eradicate chronic right ankle/calf pain.

i planned (and was excited to know it would be a 2016 milestone) to run five miles and the pace was slow enough to remain pain-free, and just enjoy the privilege.


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