I Ran Into Mike

Some Things Are Not What They Appear
Some Things Are Not What They Appear

How was your day yesterday? Are you happy with your results, your determination, your creativity? We contemplated yesterday that slacking off might actually pay good dividends. Case in point.

Had a great run yesterday and ran into Mike. Mike looked to be in the 40-50 year range. Just by chance, we found ourselves engaged in conversation. “What motivates you to run?”, I asked, always curious.

He’s been running for 30 years. “For fun!”, he said.

Challenging that, I said there’s got to be something else, something deeper. Just doing it for fun, to me, would wear off after say 10 or 20 years. But 30 years, that’s amazing. Do you think you can stay with an exercise you like, for 30 years?

By jeff noel

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