Hey there Disney cupcake

Disney cupcakes
Vacation food.

Hey there, Disney cupcake.

Please keep your sugary goodness to yourself.

i literally hate sugar.

Of course, we all know how it lights up our brain’s pleasure hotspots.

But our addiction to it is communal.

i hate it.

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Lake McDonald Boat House
From two months ago while in Glacier National Park. No sugar.


Less than a month ago i weighed 156.5.

This morning it’s 161.5.

Those 12 days in Pennsylvania had my sugar intake spiral out of control.

This has been an on-going challenge now for nearly a month.

The results speak for themselves.

i am in desperate need of a motivating goal.

Each day i “promise” to stop, i find a creative and innocent “reason” to wait until tomorrow to begin in earnest.

PS. i hate sugar.

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This website is about our BODY. To read today’s post about our SPIRIT, click here.

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Son of a gun that Holiday stress

orlando fitness speakers


(photo: First sentence is a triumph and a liability.)

Son of a gun that Holiday stress.

We work so hard  and then the hammer of holiday stress drops.

Weight gain.

It is enough to defeat us and make us just not care.

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Wish it didn’t look so easy

work life balance expert
America’s work life balance expert makes it look easy, kinda magical, effortless


I’m constantly fighting the battle with health, particularly my weight and cholesterol.

Some months are easier to maintain wellness. While other times (of every year) require everything I can muster – to not quit.

Just wish what I do didn’t look so easy and natural to the folks observing from afar.


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