Lane 8 In Fancy Hotel?

Okay, so yesterday was a video of Jack the Bear in Mexico.  And today we find Jack in Dallas (different trip) at a nice place.

It was 20 degrees the next morning and I found the willpower to run outside at 7:00AM.  I used a pair of socks for gloves and had four layers on my upper body.

No sweatpants though, which took me back to the winter days in Pennsylvania, when a few of us would run distance runs in the snow and freezing temps, sans sweatpants.

Even found the willpower to do a core workout in the Hotel gym the night before, even though I was tired from travel.

So, here’s Jack commenting on where we stayed:

Yes it was a fancy hotel. And yes, Jack watched TV while I worked out and also when I ran in 20-degree temps. Not only is he one lucky bear, but he’s also very smart.

By jeff noel

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