Because she loves to run, we think she loves to run

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The successful ones always seem to have something we never will


Because she loves to run, we think she loves to run.

But she struggles.

And no one knows.

Some days, and often for weeks at a time, she struggles to enjoy it.

She wants to quit.

It becomes a have to do, a need to do, not a get to do.

This is truth and when we feel like her, plow through it.


But do not quit!

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Run, But You Can't Hide
Run, But You Can't Hide


“You talkin’ to me?”

“Yeah. I’m talkin’ to you.”

It’s a funny observation, human behavior. Always has been, hasn’t it?

Ever go to the park, to center city, to the mall, or just about any public place, and “people watch“?

This time of year there is an annual lying match to see who can tell the biggest lies. Crazy thing though, no one knows about it. And those that do know, could care less about the prize.

Why? Because there is no prize.

No prize for lying that is.

But there is a prize. It’s for resolve. And for creativity. For, indomitable will.

And when we stop lying and start the battle of our lives, then the prize will take care of itself.