Tried and true may be the devil’s work

Disney motivational Keynote speakers
Disney’s Space Mountain during a long run through Disney World.


It’s so ridiculously easy to find tried and true reasons to remain comfortable indoors, especially when it’s wintery cold outside.

Reflecting on the observation that no one in this facility seems to have a passion for physical exercise.

Will this be me in 20 years, as a 76 year old?




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No one teaches us to fight back and refuse to do it that way

Brand new car odometer


(photo: Bought the van with one mile on it. The second mile came from the trip to the gas station to fill the tank.)

No one teaches us to fight back and refuse to do it that way. So easy to blend in and ignore the logical guilt for not exercising, not eating well, and not getting adequate rest. No one else does. Right?

The photo represents the obscene lack of ‘mileage’ most adults put into their health and wellness bank.

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