Here we go again

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Upper left date stamp: Jan 1-5, 2019. Rode bike 10+ miles roundtrip yesterday (Jan 1), including a stop at the gym.

Here we go again.


New Year’s Facebook posts.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Working on week 11 of “i-quit-sugar”.

New Year’s Day (yesterday) is nothing more than a light-switch-effect moment for humans who haven’t figured out the key to personal transformation.

People think come January 1, they will magically have what it takes to begin a new habit.

i know this because of a lifetime of personal experience.

There ain’t no light-switch-effect you get to summon.

Here’s a hint (because i’ve recently revealed the #1 ingredient), motivation is #2.

Update (today, March 2): “i quit sugar” is now 19 weeks strong. Why? Guessing because it’s really important to me.

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