Of course there’s the worry that an injury could happen anytime

injury recovery
to get injured again would be embarrassing and not fun

Of course there’s the worry that an injury could happen anytime. Aging, some things get easier, some more challenging. What lifts us up, or buries us, is how we approach the inevitable.

I’m making a game out of ramping up for the 2012 Masters Track and Field National Championships. Can I go back and perform well… with less, but more focused, training? Can I use rest and recovery in a completely innovative way for better results?

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Promises Promises

Lane 8 jeff noel

That first track season was exciting. It provided new and abundant motivational fuel. It ended poorly, but that only made my resolve greater. And I set out on the long, slow road to hamstring-tear recovery.

Long story short, the next year, wiser and much more focused, I ripped the other hamstring.

Stupid boy.

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Love Your Feet?

An average day of walking puts a force equal to several hundred tons of pressure on our feet, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association.

That’s a lot to ask of the 26 small bones and hundred-plus tiny muscles and tendons in each foot.

That’s why your feet are more subject to injury than any other part of your body.

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