Careful about relaxing and enjoying yourself

fortune cookie saying
Yesterday after lunch at Pei Wei.


We attended two different Church services yesterday morning and then went to lunch. Cheryl is still working at Disneyland (two weeks total).

Love the fortune cookie message above.

Super grateful i haven’t made this a full-time mantra.


Because High School gym class might have been the last time i exercised.

Instead, my answer is two days ago. And in an hour, i’m biking 40k roundtrip (an hour ride each way) and spending an hour at Golds Gym in between.

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Jimmy Buffett created something remarkable

Jimmy Buffett created something remarkable with his Margaritaville, Parrot Head brand.

Never heard a song of his that speaks to exercising and physical wellness.

i still love him though.


He speaks, to me anyway, to the parts of life that occupy space between running and gym visits.

Find a million ways to stay motivated.

PS. He is living proof the harder you work, the luckier you get. Duly noted.




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Can You Get Better By Doing Less?

Some are very shy about their feet.

To a runner, having healthy feet is a blessing, especially if the runner hasn’t had great-feeling feet in years and years. The down side is that feeling great is a huge temptation to overdo it. So yesterday, I took the day off.

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Can Slacking Pay Off?

Back Off And Relax?
Back Off And Relax?

Ever back off your pace, your desire, your determination?

It’s hard isn’t it? We feel like we will lose momentum, fall behind, or not reach our deadlines goals.

Yesterday, a great run was in store. I was due for a great run, was looking forward to a great run, and felt that afterwards, the goal would be one step closer.

But instead, I backed off.  It felt really good to mix it up and do an easy run where normally there would have been a hard, determined run.

One step backwards, two steps forward?