You Figured It Out, Right?

To keep myself physically’s a promise…got that, a promise…

Yesterday’s post…the people in the ‘before’ photos were not smiling. They were not happy, and did not feel good about the way they felt physically.

The people in the ‘after’ photos, were smiling big. They are happy, and feel great about their physical health.

Some things are so obvious, even a 4th-grader can comprehend them. This is why I work so diligently to stay healthy – to teach our son why and how.

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When A Friend Asks Advice

Public Parks Are Designed To Help You
Public Parks Are Designed To Help You

Ever have a friend who asks you for your advice?

I mean, over and over again?  Gets old doesn’t it?

What they should do, health-wise, is so painfully obvious.

They know it. You know it. Even a young child knows it.

To know is to do. To know and not do, is to not yet know.  To my friend from yesterday, who’ll probably never read this, and to anyone else in denial – figure it out.