No one cares about our mundane details

Disneyland construction photo
Walked many a mile each day this past week, without orthotics.


Note: i’m prepared to abandon what i’ve done for 12 years in an effort to discover if there’s a breakthrough that could happen by letting go of what i think i’m supposed to do (and have done).

Booked a checkup with my podiatrist yesterday while waiting at LAX for an 8am departure to Walt Disney World. Why share this when no one cares about our mundane details?

To remind myself how important our mundane details are. Otherwise it’s incredibly enticing to believe our mundane isn’t important.

It will be a week before i can see Dr Wagner, the earliest available.

The tiny cyst can cause excruciating pain. Hopefully it won’t debilitate my running before it’s removed. Also want Dr Wagner’s advice on eliminating custom orthotics after 12+ years.




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Run Disney
Began the morning in pain, but was able to run a 10-miler.


i learn by going where i have not gone.

Technically, running should not work for someone like me with chronic foot challenges.

Pushing the boundaries of pain management, injury prevention and injury recovery can wear a person down, big time.

A smarter person would have quit years ago.

PS. Running is simply a metaphor for life.

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In theory, running should not be his exercise of choice

Running and foot health
Thank goodness for experts like Dr Curtis Wagner.


Unexplainable that yesterday’s run was impossible because of excruciating foot pain.

Why the pain?

And to remove the temptation to run in spite of the pain, it was raining. Not a fan of running in the cold rain.

So no run.

Immediately opted for an earlier than normal gym workout.

On the way home, a “Why not?” moment and pulled into Sand lake Commons Medical complex to see about a walk-in appointment.

The pain had vanished the way our vehicle stops making that weird noise when we take it to the mechanic.

Foot pain is back again today.

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Do you often cross your fingers with hope a Doctor’s visit goes well?

Plantar Fasciitis
Today’s foot challenge is unrelated to Plantar Fasciitis


Do you often cross your fingers with hope a Doctor’s visit goes well? Or maybe even pray?

How many of us are challenged with chronic pain?

What are our options?

Find a million ways to overcome?

Or give up?

In an hour, can’t wait to see Doctor Wagner, an amazing Orlando Podiatrist.

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We may conceal them for decades

foot doctor
We all have pains invisible to others and we may conceal them for decades


Please count active rest as exercise. If you planned it and it’s an integral part of your wellness routine, than it counts 100%.

But the past five days of no running have not been planned.

Only three more days until the Podiatrist looks at the newest foot challenge.

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