You Gotta Bring The Good Time With You, It’s A Non-Negotiable

Iowa City, Iowa 2011

Had a saying in college when it came to going to parties, because many where boring, “You have to bring the good time with you”.

Same with health, you have to bring your motivation with you. I hate the cold, that’s why we live in Central Florida, next to Disney World. Got it? Motivation. Bring it. Go.

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You Don’t Have To Live Next Door To Disney World To Be Inspired By Disney

But it sure does help. Yeah, that’s Epcot’s spaceship Earth behind jeff noel and his son. It was lunchtime and they were hungry, so they went to Japan to grab a bite.

Why is this important? Because at one time, living next to Disney World was an impossible dream. Beware of gurus advising how to do impossible if they don’t have a long list themselves.

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jeff noel’s Running Ambitions Did Not Make The Evening News

The thing about jeff noel’s running ambitions – the impossible part – was that he dreamt big, got started and hasn’t stopped in 12 straight years.

There’s an impossible part to our health and wellness goals. We must never, ever quit. We must exercise for the rest of our lives. Impossible, right? Go.

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It Was Years Before jeff noel Put Running And Disney Together

Remember how in 1999, jeff noel began running one mailbox a day, at a pace slower than walking? Well, several years of running later, he had a creative idea. Would the successful business concepts Disney uses to make Magic work for running success. Disney was (and still is) in his DNA after all.

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If Your Goal Isn’t Impossible, You’re Not Reaching High Enough – jeff noel

The mailboxes in our neighborhood are 100 meters apart. Running one mailbox a day for a week and than adding another mailbox each week would take a month to run – without stopping – the equivalent of one lap.

All I wanted to do in those early weeks was simply “wake up all the muscles, ligaments and tendons”. Not too difficult, right?

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