Enough already, stop

Parkland High students ion Time Magazine
Enough of the poor eating. Take a stand. Eliminate poor foods. For good. Photo from Twitter yesterday.


In two more clicks you’ll be at jungle jeff – the work blog – and when you get there you’ll see a post more closely themed to here, Lane 8.

The reason the content is there and not here is simple.

While i compartmentalize mind-body-spirit-work-hq in five distinct website blogs, the reality is quite compelling – everything we do influences everything else we do.

Meanwhile, this morning’s thought here is this: i’m eating like i mean it to improve my health.

Which is the paradox of “diets to lose weight to be more healthy”. Diets require unattractive restrictions, unnatural eating habits, avoidance of certain foods you have loved eating your entire life, like sweets.

i gave up processed sugar but i did not give up sweets.

What the?

Fresh fruits.

i eat a ton of it, daily.


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