No pain, go gain

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No pain, go gain.

The 30-day break from running has morphed into 2-3 years. i never wrote the date down because it wasn’t supposed to be a significant gap.

Continuous foot pain. At any moment. For any reason. Its cause never uncovered. So all i could do was move on.

The biking and walking to the gym have been my cardio supplements without running.

And then we returned from a family trip to Glacier National Park.

We began running one-mailbox-a-day a few days later on August 6, 2018. This is a significant date because all three of us began together – with a dream of lifetime fitness.

Our run this morning was about 1.25 miles at a slow pace. But we are out the door long before the sun is up. That is a miracle, a blessing.

For weeks now, i haven’t detected a hint of pain.

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