Exercise is great stimulation for creativity

Disney cast costumes
Today, December 15, 2016, waiting to visit One Man’s Dream. Suitcase and box are similar.


Exercise is great stimulation for creativity.

Walt Disney played Polo, but no one ever described Walt as fit.

But his ability to inspire creativity in others was (and still is) remarkable.

At Disney, we think “Inside-The-Box”, not outside.

The thing about thinking outside the box is that most people, when they get outside of the box, they don’t know what they’re looking at because they have never built their box.

Dear son, use what i’ve taught you to build your box, and, think inside of it, not outside.

And every so often you’ll want to expand your box – to make it bigger – and having a well-defined box will facilitate this.

The four sides of your box are: vision, mission, brand, customer.


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