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Windermere Prep High School
Windermere Prep High School poster yesterday.


Windermere Prep High School
Choose to be extraordinary. Words and phrases shape our thinking. Our thinking shapes our habits.


Windermere Prep High School
Looking right from my bench.


Windermere Prep High School
Looking straight from the bench.


Windermere Prep High School
Zooming in.


Windermere Prep High School
Looking left.


Windermere Prep High School
Zooming in.


New Balance Running shoes
Randomly, the intricate detail caught my eye though the camera’s zoom lense.


One of my seven wellness architectural blueprints is rest.

Primarily focused on sleep, it also relates to recovering from physical activity.

While sleep is perfect for recovery, so are scenic diversions from our daily routine.

Yesterday afternoon i made an intentional choice to get to the high school 30 minutes early (to pick up our Son) and sit on the bench by the office.

Three years ago, i used to do this every day.

My business wasn’t as busy then.

i had more time to spare.

Looking to take back more spare time.


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