This rush lasts 24 hours a day

MacBook Air box contents


(photo: Lean… the packaging inside a MacBook Air box. Very lean. Art.)

What happens to us when we lose weight and we begin to stabilize at the new lower weight?

Down 10 pounds from a recent high of 166 (all time high was 173 back in the late ’80’s)

Have hovered in the 160 – 162 range for far too long. Couple years.

Two weeks at a new five year low of 156.


While the rush of parachuting happens in a moment, the rush of being lean lasts 24 hours a day.

Every day.

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This is where determination becomes an invaluable asset

Local teenager riding bike to Disney World entrance

(photo: Local Orlando residents can enjoy a bike ride to Walt Disney World Resort – but most don’t)

What do we do when unexpected obstacles pile up one on top of the other?



This is where determination becomes an invaluable asset.

After a 10-day layoff, this morning will be the third day back at running – almost like starting over.

Who cares. Just keep moving.

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What if we thought quitting was too difficult?

Orlando based professional speaker jeff noel
Bicycling is a great alternative when there are running injuries to deal with


Just imagine for a moment day dreaming about life and what you believe to be some of life’s critical success factors…

Do you fight to stay true to them?

Does it require you to be creative to keep from slipping?

Funny how easy it is to be creative and persevere when we believe these ideals are critical.

If we didn’t believe they were critical, we wouldn’t have to embrace them.

And if we don’t embrace them, we have a great excuse for quitting.

“It’s too hard.”

What if we thought quitting was too difficult?

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Pain source unknown

Bicyclist at Bank drive through
Living without the fear of regret takes practice – so practice.


Decent 25-mile bike ride yesterday with a breakfast meeting in the middle.

And a stop at the bank drive through (above)

Nursing a left calf pain.

Source unknown.

Dont quit.

Nationals are in two weeks. Ain’t gonna happen.

Fourth meet this year needing to be scratched because of injuries.

Don’t quit.

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The results aren’t happening fast enough

Space Mountain from Monorail
We have mountains to climb – it’s part of being human


Nursing incredibly untimely injuries is a huge challenge to staying the course.

When we have too many disappointments for too long, the devil’s temptation to just say, “It’s not worth it, I quit” becomes much more appealing.

It’s too hard.

It’s taking too long.

The results aren’t happening fast enough.

I’m tired of the pain and disappointment.

Blah, blah, blah.


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