Did Ja?

After reading yesterday’s Lane 8 blog post, did you think long and hard about your health?

Let me guess, “No.”

What motivates you at work?  At home?

What demotivates you at work? At home?

You can use your answers to figure it out.  And that’s the bottom line isn’t it?

Figure it out!

No one is going to hold your hand.  You are an adult, fully and completely responsible for your health.


Late yesterday, I was on the phone with a great friend. We spoke for nearly 30 minutes about really significant, life “stuff”.  He’s a great listener, and he allows me to verbalize dreams, goals.

I dream of you being healthier than you are now. And doing whatever it takes to be your catalyst for positive change.

Almost 51, I practice what I preach.  Take a look. This was two days ago. How many 51 year olds can do this?

By jeff noel

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