One Team Got Gold, The Other, Silver

It wasn't clear until the final minute who would win.
U17 Ponte Verde Team - 2012 Disney/ESPN Soccer Champs
Girls U17 Soccer Gold Medal
U17 Girls Soccer Trophy, January 3, 2012

You know the drill, there is only one team that wins the championship. Only one team that carries the trophy. There’s no shame in second, but there’s also very little glory.

And it was interesting to know that every girl except the goalie was on the team I watched last year. Couldn’t believe it. The teamwork, skill and sheer hustle was transformational. I told Katie (16) this and she understood. I also congratulated her on kicking the winning goal.

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They Are Headed To Today’s Championship Soccer Game At Disney

The Girls U17 Soccer Championship title is up for grabs today.

Why can’t we do it all? We can dream of doing everything, but there’s this menacing rival called reality. Yesterday I wanted to go with my Family to our relative’s U17 soccer game. It wasn’t at Disney, so I stayed home and worked.

After the girls’ game, they went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. I missed that too. Can’t do it all. But I was amazingly productive.

Today (January 3, 2012) I’m headed to Disney World to watch Katie and her teammates play in the U17 Soccer Championship.

PS. I’ll get back to short and pithy. This writing 90 days ahead experiment is just that, an experiment. You’re still experimenting to get better too, right?

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Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports

A Small But Dedicated Group
A Small But Dedicated Group

Ever have cool (free) opportunities to be invited in? To join a group? To have a privilege you always thought would be cool, but didn’t know where or how to start?

How’d that work out for you?

Tuesday evening, the stars were aligned, so on the drive home I finally got to do it. Had been invited about two months earlier to join a local runner’s group, after meeting the organizers at the annual Central Florida Corporate 5k – this year with 12k+ runners.

And as today’s blog post title implies, it was at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, a world-class facility.

This all leads up to today’s message.

The longer and harder you work, the luckier you get. And if this has eluded you, it simply means you haven’t worked long enough or hard enough. Tough thing to hear for some of you, but true.

Dream big, get started, never stop. You CAN do it.