The toughest part is the part we all are painfully aware of

Restaurant wall photo of Donkey pulling cart
It’s almost always something we never see coming that puts a wrench in our plans


The year end non-stop push to catch up can really take a toll. We all know and feel this, right? Or was I the only one this morning cutting their run in half because of something unexpected?

The point is we all have to figure things out.

And the toughest part is not giving in when the pressure is the greatest.

A short run is better than caving and not running at all.

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Change For Someone Else

It Took A Decade To Get There
The "Carrot" To Stay Motivated Kept Getting Bigger

Past few months have been challenging. Overall health is slipping. The temptation to just give in, and give up, is, well, troubling.

Yesterday at Gold’s Gym, Kayla said her Uncle changed her life January 1, 2010 when he told her, “You are the only one who put it on and you are the only one who can take it off“.

Her story is remarkable…more tomorrow, but for now…Next Blog