Weight Loss Overnight Success?

That's Quite A Claim
That's Quite A Claim

Happy Labor Day weekend from Orlando, Florida, home of world-class theme parks like Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

A three-day weekend is rare in my world. Visits from Family are not.

Cheryl’s cousin (also a runner) will be here, from Allentown, Pennsylvania by lunch time. Michael’s visit should offer some unique blogging material.┬áDid you know that I write five different, daily blogs, not just Lane 8?

Weight loss and exercise routines are built over the long haul. All successful weight loss advocates have a similar story – they dreamt of a better way to live, they pursued their goal, suffering countless setbacks.

And their key to success?

They know overnight takes the rest of your life.

Just like becoming a New York Times, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble best selling author. Many of you already know how to easily navigate all five blogs. Some of you don’t.

In dieting or navigating, it all starts with a simple step or a simple click.

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