Physically heading out for a Disney Cruise this morning

Orlando motivational speaker
Finland, 2009…Masters Track & Field World Championships…our Son’s Bear traveled the world with me. while i was at Disney Institute.


Orlando Motivational speaker
Finland, 2009…there’s a ski-jumper in a dark suit in the middle.


Client call yesterday reminded me the power of an impossible goal.

Lane 8, the worst lane.

Don’t care if i come in last.

Worst lane and finish last?

It would be spectacular.


Yes, lane 8, the worst lane – and it would be a dream come true.

Lane 8, in the finals, of the Masters Track & Field World Championships.

You come in last but you’re the 8th fastest in the entire world.

Think about it.

Would you rather be the fastest of the slowest or the slowest of the fastest?

So, did you get the challenge in the question above?

Reread it and pick one.

Your answer is a predictor for where you set life’s bar.

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