Physically disembark at Port Canaveral 9:00am

Disney Cruise
Yesterday morning, clear tubes are a safety enhancement from traditional colored tubes.


Disney Cruise
Staging the gang on a tube proved to be precarious, so we moved the photo shoot.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Just before Mike and two name tags sank to the bottom. The water was cold.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Castaway Cay beach.


Disney Cruise
New photo shoot location.


Disney Cruise


Disney Keynote Speakers
The shadows, in hindsight, turned out pretty cool. i tried to eliminate them. This was the first and only shadow pic.


Disney Cruise
Lifeguards were intrigued by my actions.


Disney Customer Service Keynote Speakers
Perfect Princess weather.


Physically disembark at Port Canaveral 9:00am.

Breakfast at Animator’s Palate at 8am.

We had our final dinner there last night.

Then we skipped last night’s show, Disney’s Believe”.


We saw it 13 months ago on our 2016 Thanksgiving Cruise.

We took a vote and decided to relax from 5-8pm.

Cheryl packed.

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