The Art Of Pace

Fellow Runner From India
Fellow Runner From India

In running, most sports, and life, pace is a crucial factor.

Real life. There’s a runner I know that recently ran two 5k’s. He preaches pace, trains pace, delivers pace. He says pace is key.

His goal was to run the first two miles at exactly 7:00 each, and then gradually run faster the third mile, aiming for sub-22:00

First 5k mile splits:

  1. 7:00 (perfect)
  2. 7:00 (perfect)
  3. 6:40 (nice)
  4. :40
  5. 21:20 result

His other 5k was the same plan, first two miles at seven-minutes each, final mile gradually faster.

  1. 6:40 (way too fast – the adrenaline of 12,000+ runners)
  2. 6:55 (back on track – almost perfect)
  3. 6:25 (wow)
  4. :35
  5. 20:35 result

Few things more rewarding than practicing what you preach.

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