Fewer, harder workouts

Sean D'Souza keynote slide
Sean D’Souza (tiny left corner) slide from two days ago.


Sean D’Souza was a day two afternoon speaker. He’s from New Zealand. Among other things, he and his wife work three months, then take one month off. This means three months vacation per year. Wow.

He claims it’s true.

His third and final bullet point (above) is “fewer, kinder clients”. Everyone’s dream (in addition to the whole vacation proposition) right?

What is the paradox of fewer and nicer? And does it matter?


And here’s the paradox…

Since retiring, immediately began a different running and gym schedule.

Moving from a monthly goal:

  • 20 running days
  • 8 gym visits

To a monthly goal:

  • 12 runs (far fewer)
  • 12 gym visits

Fewer, longer runs.

Everyone’s dream?

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