We’re finished when we’re finished

Three outstanding Master's 100m sprinters
Three outstanding Master’s 100m sprinters


Trio of High School 100m sprinters
Two of these boys lost to the young athlete in the next photo


Double leg amputee teenage High School 100m sprinter
Courage is hard to see, except when it isn’t, like here


Finding motivation doesn’t have to be hard. Yet we also know it won’t always be easy. The key is to understand when to up our game and when to ease up.

Too much is as dangerous as not enough.

Yesterday was my first Track meet since last summer. And if you count these two, they are the only meets since 2009.

When we stop changing, we’re finished.

I either lost the 800 M50-54 by a couple hundredths of a second or won it by that much.

Either way, the motivational fire has been stoked.

Hoping all of you are stoked too.

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