When I Run, I

Middle School Track
Middle School Track

How much “on-purpose” thinking and acting do you do in your day-to-day routine?

A lot?  Some?  None?

How would your days look and feel (differently?) if you tried to be more “on-purpose”?

What are the advantages, the disadvantages and what doesn’t even matter?

These are all opportunities to make your life and the lives of others different, better.

When I run and it’s windy, I always run harder into the wind than when it’s at my back.

When I run and there are hills, I run harder up the hill than down it.

When I warm up, before running in a competition, I sweat and breath hard, really hard. You have to be in shape just to warm up.

And when the race is into the wind, because often it is, guess who has an advantage?

We often don’t know why we run, we just do.  Not because it is doing us good, but because we love it so much and can not stop ourselves from doing it.

By jeff noel

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