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If Your Goal Isn't Impossible....
If Your Goal Isn't Impossible....

From last year’s Lane 8 archives. There are four times as many daily readers today than last year. You probably missed this one.

Are you still holding on to last year’s dream, or have you quit?

Lane 8 is a fun story to write.  Fun because it’s for our son.  He’ll be nine in a few days. There are only a few who actually know this. Now more will.

If you were to spend an hour reading back through this blog, you’d start to see how impossible it was for me to be here in Finland.

The temptation to postpone, rationalize, or even to quit, is beyond my normal threshold for these types of life’s challenges.

Yet, I write this from Lahti, Finland – home to the 2009 Master’s Track & Field World Championships.

Reading back through the posts, and looking at where I was ten years ago, I hope our son will realize a few things about life:

  1. This is not a story about athletic achievement, it’s about setting “life’s bar” high
  2. This is not my story, it’s our story
  3. Nothing is impossible
  4. There are no short cuts in life
  5. Life is painfully hard
  6. Life is gloriously wonderful
  7. Live your life with purpose, and on purpose
  8. Do not worry what others think
  9. Have fun along the way
  10. Love others and be loved by others

Thanks for following Lane 8.  I totally understand virtually all of you will never have time to read from here to the beginning, or from the beginning to here.

But if you ever want to read a “book” to be inspired, this may be a diamond in the rough.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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