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Should We Buy Organic?
Should We Buy Organic?

All of us grow and develop over time. ¬†And there’s sort of a bell curve to our life. We start out low on the chart and make upward progress, reaching our physical peak, typically, somewhere around 18-20 years old, and then begin a long, slow decline until death.

Exercise, of course, has proven benefits on all accounts. Diet on the other hand, is more obscure. There is no evidence, for example, that can scientifically claim organic foods will eliminate the types of disease commonly associated with processed and chemically raised food sources.

And yet organic foods claim to be significantly healthier for us. Yet they cost 50-300% more.

If all you do is consider eating more fruits and vegetables, than this Everyday Health list of the top ten fruits and veggies chemically grown will help you target the best ROI for your grocery dollars.

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