Back To Health Basics, OK?

Let’s get back to health basics. Man, this seems so incredibly important, and basic.

Isn’t that what First Lady Michelle Obama clearly articulated in her June 23 White House Press Release?

Here’s the bottom line: We can never tire of the basics.

None of us are really in a position to tell the others what or how they should maintain their health.

But there are some who have found “something” and, “somehow“, to maintain it for over a decade, they are becoming your experts. And you can listen to them or not.

But the one thing you can not do, is deny that these people have accomplished much, simply by using the basics. There are people close to you that you should tap into. Find out what motivates them.

No drugs. No coach. No personal trainer. No easy job providing extra time to exercise. No convenient location next to a gym, a “Y”, or school athletic facilities.

Just a pair of running shoes. Wake up. Lace up. Shut up. Walk to the mailbox. And start running.

Running. Just one of many ways to stay active.

What’s yours?

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Check Blood Pressure @ The Store

By jeff noel

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