How we honor that (or don’t honor that) is easily measured

Snowy highway near Dorney Park


Dorney Park entrance in winter


(photos: Dorney Park during January snowfall.)

Did this Disney Institute Leadership Keynote Speaker feel like running yesterday? No. Did he? Yes.

Dear blogger, your post seemed to target that body weight defines a person.

Weight is a metric like any other metric.

Shift gears for a second.

The number of children we have (or don’t have) can also be a metric.

Some metrics are easy for others to see.

Most aren’t.

Our body is a gift from God. A temple housing everything that keeps us alive.

How we honor that (or don’t honor that) is easily measured.

And yes, it’s a struggle, a battle, an on again off again thing – until one day it’s only an on again thing. Only.

Be well and remain amazed.

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