Easiest way to feel like a lottery winner?

Four seasons welcome flag


(photo: Four boxes equal the balance of the four season. It takes all four to make it work.)

Do you believe radiant work life balance is impossible?

Easiest way to feel like a lottery winner?

Spend your life getting to a place of balanced wellness.

The executive with 38 years experience in one of the world’s largest automotive companies said, “You didn’t think I had 38 years experience, did you?”

The facilitatorĀ asked, “Class of ’76?”

Big shot executive, “Yes.”

The facilitator, “Class of ’77.”

The Detroit executive didn’t think the other guy had that much experience either.

We often don’t realize what’s possible in life until we see it face to face.

The astonished executive now has an opportunity to raise his bar.

AtĀ 56, the 38-year executive looked good, yet his radiant light was dim.

Raising the bar means radiating your spirit, not just your clothes and hairstyle.

And our spiritual radiance is enhanced when our physical wellness is vibrant.

We have to be decently organized in order to maintain physical wellness.

Etc, etc.

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