Why did this happen?

Track close up shot
Came here to run this. Attempted to use the 1500 as a warmup.


Charlotte High School Track
Brutally hot… only three spectators¬†in the bleachers.


Why did this happen?

After what seemed like a perfectly (finally) timed six mile warmup in preparation for the 800 meters, come to find out, the printed schedule i had was completely wrong. The 800 would be at the end of the day, not the beginning. Major challenge.

It was either go get in the car and drive back to Orlando, or see if i could get into the 1500 which was about an hour away. i got into the 1500 and waited, and rationalize that the 1500 is a substantially slower pace and i would be warmed up enough to just have fun with it.

Bottomline, too much time between warmup and race.

Couldn’t have gone out any more conservatively on the first lap.

Right calf pain, kinda like a cramp.

So after the first lap, dropped out.

Was it sodium or potassium deficiency?

Is it a muscle pull?

Time will tell.

It’s sore this morning.

Was hoping it wouldn’t be.

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