Hey Skip, what do you think?

Encourage Everyone To Be Active
Encourage Everyone To Be Active

The people at the gym who inspire me the most are in two categories.

People older than 50.

People who look desperate to become active.

Many of the over-50 demographic were once the latter, desperate to get (and stay) well.

In 1999, i was desperate.

My college roommate, Skip Gaskill, offers insight and encouragement. Skip’s challenging you to do the same. Take it away Skip:

Have you ever seen an obese person out jogging or walking in an unquestionable attempt to get control of their health?

If you did what did you do?  Did you say anything?  Did you smirk or make a fat joke?

Or did you go out of your way to encourage them to keep up the fight?

Next time you see someone like this (hopefully while you are out exercising as well) tell them the following:

Congratulations!  You’re doing great!  Keep up the good fight and never quit!

You might buy them another quarter mile or uplift their spirit enough to help them finish what they started.

Who knows…you might even feel better about yourself.

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